The British Legal Technology Awards 2024 offer twelve award categories. The awards recognises excellence in legal technology, IT security, leadership & innovation, as well as the individuals, teams and suppliers transforming the future of legal services.

British Legal Technology Awards 2024 – Categories for Legal Services – Law Firms, Barristers’ Chambers, In-House & Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSP)

‘Most Innovative Firm of the Year’
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‘Most Innovative Firm of the Year Award’ recognises law firms, barristers’ chambers, in-house legal departments or ALSP, who are driving the future of the delivery of legal services. This award recognised those which can demonstrate they are transforming the competitive landscape with the delivery of innovative client solutions, technologies, platforms and services.

‘Technology Venture of the Year’
Sponsored by SOS Legal

‘The Technology Venture of the Year Award’ recognises the outstanding delivery of an individual technology venture, project or initiative. This award honours the strategy, planning, execution and successful results of a technology venture which has delivered a positive and commercially viable impact.

‘Information Security Team of the Year’
Sponsored by Arctic Wolf

‘The Information Security Team of the year Award’ recognises dynamic leadership and contribution within information security. This category rewards senior IT security teams who are proactively implementing advanced IT security systems, information management and procedures to protect client data and internal operations from third party intrusions. This award highlights the teams who have successfully executed advanced system and network protection initiatives whilst driving risk mitigation strategies against sophisticated hacks and breaches.

‘Technology Team of the Year’

‘The Technology Team of the Year Award’ recognises proven and outstanding team performance. This category was open to law firms, barristers’ chambers, ALSP and in-house legal departments and awards the team that has distinguished itself through successful implementation, integration and adoption of technology.

British Legal Technology Awards 2023 – Dual Categories – Law Firms, Barristers’ Chambers, In-House, ALSP & Legal IT Suppliers & Consultants 

‘Alliance of the Year’
‘The Alliance of the Year Award’ recognises legal service providers and legal suppliers who have delivered excellence in collaboration between all parties. This category highlights sharing and complimenting best practice, looking outward and not inwards in terms of process, for the delivery of excellence in internal and external client services.

‘Inclusion and Diversity in Legal Services’
Sponsored by DGH Recruitment

‘The Inclusion and Diversity in Legal Services Award’ recognises teams that have been able to demonstrate its impact in shaping and driving the Diversity & Inclusion agenda within the delivery of legal services; and demonstrated the sustained value it has added to the business.

‘AI Use Case in Legal Services’

‘The AI Use Case in Legal Services’ award recognises the strategic implementation of machine learning for precise diagnostics and the seamless integration of AI in creative pursuits within the legal sector. This category celebrates solutions or services that transcend conventional automation and efficiency, bringing about a transformative paradigm shift in the practical applications of cutting-edge AI technology.

British Legal Technology Awards 2024 – Categories for Legal IT Suppliers – Vendors & Consultants

‘IT Product or Service of the Year’
‘The IT Product or Service of the Year Award’ recognises innovative new products and solutions which have been launched in the legal sector during the past 12 months. This category, open to start-ups and established vendors, recognises the products and solutions which deliver vision, differentiation, practicality and importance to the sector.

‘Innovation in Legal Services’
‘The Innovation in Legal Services Award’ honours the suppliers which are driving the future of technology in legal services. This critically acclaimed award recognises solution providers which demonstrate they are accelerating the pace of change whilst transforming the competitive landscape with innovative technologies, platforms and services.

‘IT Security Provider of the Year’
‘The IT Security Provider of the Year Award’ awards the IT Security provider which demonstrates unprecedented knowledge, advancement and solution implementation, whilst delivering excellent client service and a complete security offering that is at the forefront of IT security within the legal sector.

‘Supplier of the Year’
‘The Supplier of the Year Award’ recognises legal suppliers who have demonstrated excellence in legal technology and client focused services both for SME and LME. This award honours the suppliers which are re-shaping the future of law firms and legal businesses.

British Legal Technology Awards 2024 – Outstanding Achievement Award – Individual 

‘Outstanding Achievement Award’
‘The Outstanding Achievement Award’ recognises an individual who has been instrumental in shaping and driving the evolution and successful impact of technology within legal services. Nominated by the judging panel, this award honours an exceptional advocate within legal technology who has displayed leadership, excellence and vision over a long serving career.

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