Chris Bull – Judges Q&A

Chris Bull, Principal and ExCo Member,
Edge International







Why did you chose to become a judge for the British Legal Technology Awards 2024?

I have always sat in an interesting, not always comfortable (!), place in the legal technology world. Neither a lawyer nor a technologist, my experience and passion is around the operational, business and human potential and impact of tech on our sector. I was invited to bring that perspective to the awards and delighted to accept.

What Key Advice Would you Give to a Company Entering the Awards?

I may have achieved a bit of notoriety for picking away at submissions in two areas. First, what is the real world impact your product or project or team has had? Second, what have you done in the last year or so specifically – these awards are about currency and innovation in a fast moving market; we don’t want to hear about something that happened years’ ago which hasn’t evolved.

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