Floor Plan 2017

Staged over 2,500 sqm and accommodating an estimated audience of 1,200 senior level visitors, the annual British Legal Technology Forum returns on Tuesday 14th March 2017.

Carefully designed to offer all exhibitors a high level of delegate traffic, The British Legal Technology Forum 2017’ offers unlimited networking opportunities and direct access to a wide range of leading law firms and legal businesses.

The 2017 event will be set across two levels, with exhibitions areas  covering both levels alongside four large presentation stages. The exhibition floor also provides direct access to the catering area, coffee and champagne bars in addition to two ale houses and a wine bar, to provide a relaxed environment for business development and visitor interaction. Should you be interested in showcasing your solutions at Europe’s largest legal IT event, contact Netlaw Media on +44 (0)20 3176 4200.



Exhibitor List 2017 
A1  Sharedo B1  Redstor C1  Nikec Solutions D1  Available 
A1b  Reserved B2  RAVN C2  Fookes Software D2  Available 
A2  Brainspace B3  Ten10 C3  Kutana D3  Qorus  Software
A3  Brainspace B4  LexisNexis C4  Luminance  Technologies D4  Mitie
A4  Econocom B5  LexisNexis C5  Oosha Ltd D5  Available
A5  Appurity B6  iomart C6  The Network Collective D6  Reserved
A6  Repstor B7  Tiger Eye  Consulting Ltd C7  Cisilion D7  Available
A7  Britannic  Technologies Ltd B8  Neota Logic C8  Esenitre D8  Available
A8  HighQ B9  Mimecast C9  Esenitre D9  IGX Global
A9  Databarracks B10  Eclipse Legal  System C10  InfoTrack D10  IGX Global
A10  CenturyLink B11  Netdocuments C11  Darktrace D11  Xmedius
A11  DocsCorp B12  Board C12  Aderant D12 Reserved
A11b  Available B13  Available C13  Workshare D13  Available
A12  Electrosonic B14  Informance Ltd D14  Reserved
A13  Electrosonic B15  BigHand D15  Available
A14  Brochet B16  Chrome River     D16  Available
A15  Reserved  B17  Microsystems D17  LTC4
A16  Manzama B18  Available
A17  Linetime Ltd B19  Justis
A18  nQueue B20  Videocall
A19  iManage B21  Videocall
A20  Masergy B22  RBRO Solutions
A21  Timeslice B23  Peppermint
A22  Apogee Corporation B24  DPS Software
A23  Exponential-e
A24  DocAuto Inc
A25  BA Insight
A26  Data Capture  Solutions
A27  Infographics
A28  Clio
A29  Oyez Professional  Services
A30  Tikit Ltd


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