‘Legal AI Supplier of the Year – Clarification of Remarks 

The British Legal Technology Awards event took place on 11th  November 2021.

In line with established practice for the BLTA awards event, brief citations were read out by the award host for the winner and runner-up in each category.

In relation to the runner-up citation for Legal AI Supplier of the Year a communications error resulted in an incorrect citation being read out, which might have caused some guests to question whether the AI capabilities of the Luminance product had been sufficiently demonstrated in the judging process.

In the context of an extremely strong set of category entrants this year, Netlaw Media and the Chair of the Judging Panel wish to confirm that Luminance was recognised in this category precisely because of the strength of its artificial intelligence product as demonstrated in its award entry and indeed as more widely recognised across the legal technology industry. Any impression given to the contrary by the citation was incorrect.

With apologies for any confusion caused Netlaw Media is pleased to have the opportunity to set the record straight and thanks Luminance and all the other 2021 entrants for their much valued participation in the awards this year.’