Peter Owen

Founder / Director

Lights-On Consulting Limited

Peter is the Managing Director of Lights-On Consulting Limited, an independent IT and management consultancy practice. Lights-On specialises in the legal sector but also carries out work for sectors outside of legal thus maintaining a broader commercial view.  Peter is also a founding Director and Secretary of Litig Limited, a not-for-profit legal think tank which he has been secretary of for over 20 years.

Prior to Lights-On Peter was the IT Director at Eversheds for over 10 years. Peter led Eversheds’ IT through its merger of seven separate law firms bringing together the seven IT departments with different IT systems, technologies and cultures into one, firm-wide IT department with consolidated technology across the firm. Before Eversheds, Peter spent 9 years in DuPont primarily in the oil and gas sector in areas such as mainframe development, establishing helpdesks, managing development and business analyst teams, “Business IT Trouble-shooter” and as IT consultant to various smaller subsidiary, JV, start-up or affiliated firms in the chemical, energy and energy conservation sectors.

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