Jonathan Patterson – Judges Q&A

Jonathan Patterson, Managing Director DWF Ventures

Why did you chose to become a judge for the British Legal Technology Awards 2022?

I saw it as a great learning opportunity. Being able to work with Jacqueline de Rojas and an array of experts from across the industry was too good an opportunity to miss. I also really enjoy seeing technology innovation really applied by a range of different organisations to deliver results rather than press releases.

What Key Advice Would you Give to a Company Entering the Awards?

with data and evidence the impact in your submission. Also increasingly think about impact beyond just numbers and financials.

What Makes an Entry Stand Out for you?

I really like breakthrough ideas that I just haven’t seen before but beyond that I think it is a clear story that links what the entry is, why it is worthy and what impact it has had rather than just answering the questions individually.

What in your Opinion Elevates an Entrant to Become a Winner?

Being able to describe not just a good idea or development but also why it is impactful, different and noteworthy.

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