Marcel Henri – Judges Q&A

Marcel Henri, Partner, Omnilex







Why did you chose to become a judge for the British Legal Technology Awards 2024?

The Legaltech vertical is very fast-changing, and the UK is a very mature market, so becoming a judge helps me stay current. Also, having worked in the industry for over 20 years, I can offer feedback and guidance to award entrants – both in house teams and vendors.

What Key Advice Would you Give to a Company Entering the Awards?

Different organizations will enter the awards for different reasons: sales opportunity, brand awareness and promotion, internal team recognition and reward etc. All, however, must recognize that they will need to provide hard metrics and KPI’s, that unequivocally evidence the business impact of their solution or achievement. If you treasure it, measure it!

What Makes an Entry Stand Out for you?

Companies will sometimes build a solution that then looks for a problem to solve. Another to look at it might be: ‘How am I going to sell what I’ve done?’. Starting from the customer pain point, and then being able to evidence how the solution helps people solve a real-life issue makes an entry stand out, in my opinion.

What in your Opinion Elevates an Entrant to Become a Winner?

The uniqueness of the solution. It can’t just be about doing the same as everyone else – albeit just a bit better!

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